Positive or Negative Review of Online Writing Service; Why It Matters

The reason an average student requires a reliable reviewing service for essay writing companies is that it helps him/her avoid problems with the work. If you don’t use this service and directly order an essay from some website, you may get the work perfectly done if you are lucky, but if you are not, you will have a hard time dealing with the company’s staff after placing the order and still not receive anything as you wanted.

As you are aware, competition in the online writing industry is increasing day by day. Every time you search a set of keywords, you get access to new websites you didn’t hear of or see before. A student trying to get online help is left confused by the variety of companies that claim the delivery of high-quality papers. Every student wants value for money. They only want to place an order on the website that is best in every respect. While some of these companies help users with tasks by giving useful tips and guidance on specific subjects, others actually write custom papers to the customers upon their requests if you are fortunate in placing an order with a good website the very first time, nothing like it! But this doesn’t happen every time or with everyone.

Many times, users end up placing orders with websites that are fraudulent. They make big claims of professionalism and expertise, but when an order is actually placed, they give a very hard time for the customer. If you are one of those unlucky customers who placed an order without first reading a good college paper writing service review, expect to have your time and money wasted. You might face one or more of the following problems:

  • Your work will not be submitted by the deadline. It might be submitted afterward when your school’s submission time has passed. Accordingly, the whole exercise might turn out redundant.
  • The company might ask you for more money after you place the order. There can be hidden charges. You might already be overcharged with an extremely high price per page rates.
  • You will pay the money, and it will be received by the company. But you might be told that your money was not processed. Payment channels can be insecure or unsafe.
  • Your paper will be plagiarized. It will contain content from outside sources without proper citation.
  • The paper may not comply with the instructions. There can be any kind of issue ranging from the use of an insufficient number of sources to use of outdated references. The formatting might not be proper, or the word count might be lesser than required.
  • The company’s staff might not be nice to you after the order has been placed. You might notice a radical shift in their behavior before and after placing the order. They will not attend your calls, or even if they do, they might be rude or not address your queries and concerns.

These and many more problems like these can cause a student with a lot of problems. Most learners are already living on a budget. It is hard for them even to arrange the fee for school, so many of them have to work to finance their studies. In such circumstances, having to deal with a fraudulent money-eating website can be emotionally demanding and challenging.

The solution to all these problems is to have a website reviewed before you place the order on that. In other words, you need essay writing service review 2019 for updated reviews. Now you might be thinking that you can easily judge a company from the kind of reviews shown on its website. Sure you would be thinking in the right direction, but only if these companies were not smarter! These scam websites stay abreast of any problems or hurdles that can come in the way of their business. They are aware that many customers leave their website unsatisfied, hurt, and dejected. Accordingly, they have a high tendency to leave negative remarks about the website. Since the company owners and managers are the administrators of the websites themselves, they can easily pick out and change or modify any such negative comment until the text sounds pleasing and admiring to them. So if you rely on those comments available on the websites, chances are you will be fooled by the company.

So you need a service that provides genuine reviews of these companies; and that’s us. These are all the reasons why so many customers find Masterpapers a good service. Having been in the industry for 5+ years, we have tried and tested hundreds of online writing websites. Every time we tested one, we prepared a review reflecting upon our observations and experiences. We have compiled all those reviews on our website. So there is plenty of information you can benefit from. Basically this is like saving your own time, energy, and money, benefiting from the real-time experience of another team. So it’s only wise to rely on our reviews.

Masterpapers Plagiarism Detection System; Simply the Best

One of the top-most criteria for inclusion in our list of good writing companies is zero plagiarism in the paper delivered by the writers. We understand the importance of avoiding plagiarism. Educational institutions impose heavy liabilities on learners for plagiarizing. The effects could range from a compromised grade to relegation, or in extreme circumstances, expulsion from school. Therefore, every time we receive a paper from a website, we specially run a thorough check for plagiarism. We can allow up to 5% plagiarism maximum, that too for in-text citations, excluding the end of section references. The reason we keep this allowance is that most teachers have a requirement of producing papers with at least 95% unique content in them. So a paper with 95% original text is acceptable, but obviously if a company writes 100% original paper, we rank it higher and above the rest.

Our team checks every paper for references. If they are not cited properly, the paper may be accused of plagiarism. So every time we get a paper, we check if the percentage of direct quote insertion is well within the limits. Likewise, we check if the references are included in proper background and context. If they are properly cited but not included with a context before them, the insertion sounds meaningless, and the quality of the paper is compromised. In addition to that, we concentrate on the freshness of ideas. Our preference is to get such papers in which the information is drawn from sources published within the last 5 years time-span. Again, this is because of the reason that most teachers require learners to use references published no earlier than the last 5 years. The quality of sources used matters as well. A paper is considered high quality if the outside sources of information are reputable and peer-reviewed like high impact journal articles and books. So if you ask us for the suggestion about an online writing service for your project, you can rest assured that the paper you get from it will be free of plagiarism.

Masterpapers Prices Review | A Key Factor of Good Websites

One of the defining features of good websites is the competitiveness of their rates. Good companies produce high-quality work, so you cannot expect to get it at the cheapest rates, though there are certain companies whose rates are lowest and the quality is also fair. But generally, prices charged by good companies fall in the mid-range or the average of what is charged by all companies in the industry. While checking the quality of service of a website, we specially pay attention to the price per page. After all, the vast majority of the clients of the service are learners who generally happen to be living on a budget. We have criteria for fair pricing on our website. If you see a company in the list of good websites, it means the company offers services at affordable and fair rates.

How We Generate Masterpapers Review 2019 for a Company

Being experts in this field, we have outlined a list of criteria to check the quality of work delivered by an online essay writing website. These criteria help us ensure that the website renders a service that can be trusted by every student. You can see a complete list of reliable websites as well as qualified writers whom you can trust with your papers no matter how complicated, urgent or lengthy they are. It has taken us an analysis of hundreds of websites to come up with such lists. Some of the criteria that we use to determine the quality of work delivered by a website are as follows:

  • Real review

We have taken time to get access to the most genuine reviews of a variety of online essay writing companies. These reviews have been written and published by experts on platforms that are trusted and popular for the delivery of genuine information to the users. But we didn’t exclusively rely on others’ reviews; we did experiments ourselves, placing orders on all those websites, and seeing how our own experience of a website compares with that of others before us.

  • Website

One of the indicators of the level of professionalism of a website is the appearance of its online platform. We checked the professionalism of webpage design of the websites we reviewed, to see if the websites offer user-friendly navigation. The way a website is developed talks quite a lot about the quality of services it delivers. Also, we pay attention to the professionalism reflected in the customer support of the company.

  • User feedback

We carefully evaluate the feedback of users of online writing services. We also welcome you to leave your review about the company you have chosen, by the way!

  • Quality of sample essays

Our team works diligently to read the sample papers published on the websites we review. The sample essays provide an insight into the quality of work the website can deliver. Even if a fraudulent company makes big claims about the quality of its service, a careful and detailed look at its sample paper shows how professional it is.

  • Price-to-value ratio

We check the suggested prices for different kinds of academic writing projects offered by different websites. We draw a comparison between the price per page of different websites. After all, young learners are generally on a very tight budget and cannot afford to spend huge amounts of money on writing projects.

It takes a structured process to come up with a review. To begin with, we research the company online. There are online threads and discussion forums where previous customers have shared their views about the company. We take note of them. After that, we place an order on the website ourselves. We monitor everything from the time of placing the order until we get the paper delivered. The service is checked for the following criteria, in addition to others:

  • Meeting the deadline requirement
  • Fairness of price
  • professional writers responding timely to the messages
  • Compliance to instructions, g. college level or high school level paper.
  • 24/7 access to the support staff
  • Maintenance of confidentiality of information of the students

After we have observed and reflected upon our experience with respect to these criteria, we write a review. You will find reviews of all the companies we have experienced on our website.

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