Online Essay Writing Service Review for Samedayessay

Starting as a small company rendering custom online writing services, Samedayessay has come a long way. Ever since its inception, the company has written hundreds of thousands of essays for clients approaching it from all parts of the world. Originally, the company started with writing research papers, but over the span of time, extended its services to writing essays, dissertations, theses, blogs, articles, journals, and all other types of projects. Two of the most valuable assets of the company include its professional writers’ team and extremely supportive and diligent customer service. The company has remained successful in helping clients and satisfying them to their best. Thousands of customers have managed to improve their grades with their well-researched and professionally written content.

Our Best Essay Service Review for Samedayessay Covers It All

To review this company, we conducted thorough research. Starting with studying the history of this company, to the quality of service is delivered to its customers all the years since its establishment, we explored all sorts of aspects including the qualification of its writers, rates, customers’ reviews, and quality assurance practices, among other things. Our research has led us to finding that this company was established with the noble purpose of helping the users. Knowing the customers’ need for academic assistance in this age when they are overloaded with assignments and all sorts of writing projects and have to meet the deadlines in addition to fulfilling other responsibilities like working along with studying, the owners realized the need for making such a service available to the users, that will provide them with quality academic assistance. The company’s establishment knew that customers risk getting ripped off their money at the hands of scam websites, they entered the market as an organization that values customers’ satisfaction and addressing of their needs above financial gains. So read the review to learn the distinguishing features of this website.

Samedayessay Support Makes the Experience Pleasant

One of the strengths of this company is its extremely efficient and hard-working customer support service. To adequately meet the needs of the customers, the company has employed a big team of customer support staff. The company trained its staff to ensure that each member of the customer support team deals with clients with a defined and desirable set of values and dealing ethics. That’s why you will find the customer support team very polite and helpful. They guide the clients on all aspects of Samedayessay paper writing, starting from the procedure of placement of order, all the way through till the delivery and feedback. In case the customers themselves are not clear how many pages they should order for the assignment, how they should put the instructions, what deadline they should choose, and what academic level they should ask for, the customer support team takes details of requirement for the projects from the customers, and suggests the most suitable set of instructions for them. The point is to ensure that the customers get the best quality service in the least time and cost. The staff remains available to the clients 24/7, and there is no interruption in their correspondence of quality of interaction with clients ever.

Here You Find Professional Native Writers

Unlike many other online writing services who claim to have a team of native writers, but actually get the projects written from people who speak English as a second language, writers at are all native English speakers. They hail from such countries where English is the national language such as the UK and the US. Therefore, they are well-versed with academic standards of writing for their respective countries. Hence, the company is capable of delivering the work in the standard of English required by the customer. Not only the writers are native English speakers, but also they are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. The fields of education they belong to number more than 40. Therefore, no matter to what subject the customer’s assignment pertains, the company always has a writer specially qualified and experienced in that field. This helps the company ensure that the customers get the assignments written with the required level of expertise and field-specific knowledge, for the best experience.

Bonus System

The company has a very attractive system of bonuses for its customers. A new client gets virtual money in his/her account. That’s his/her personal balance. It can be found in the secure customer area. The money in the balance comes from the orders. Upon ordering the first assignment, the customer gets 10% of the money he/she is charged in the balance. That means that he/she gets it in balance and the company leaves it out of the price charged. Each next time, the customer receives a bonus of 5% in addition to other bonuses that the company keeps giving from time to time. This means every time an order is placed, the balance increases. So much so that after some orders, the customer can order an assignment without paying anything; the entire cost can be taken from the customer’s balance.

Samedayessay Prices Review

Prices at Samedayessay company are competitive. They are neither too high nor too low. You will find companies offering services at variable rates. Choosing Samedayessay company makes sense because the level of quality the company provides is might higher for the prices it charges. The company has a very structured and systematic way of charging the fee. It’s also self-explanatory if you visit the site. You will find price categories based on the level of paper demanded by customers, type of work, as well as the level of urgency of the copy. These three factors collectively establish the price per page for your order. In our opinion, this is very logical; of course, the price of editing work is not and should not be as high as the cost of writing something as complicated as a thesis.

There are five categories for level of paper, including high-school, college, undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. Prices are lowest for the high-school level papers and the highest for the Ph.D. level papers. This is understandable because high-school level papers are the easiest to write concerning the level of complexity whereas Ph.D. level papers like dissertations are the most difficult to write. They are typically submitted several times to the supervisor as drafts. The supervisor comments and asks for revision a couple of times till the paper is revised to near-perfection. It’s like a spectrum of prices with the least at the easiest level and the highest at the most difficult level.

Within each category, prices increase from lowest to highest as the level of urgency is increased. So if you order a paper with a 20-day deadline, you may be required to pay roughly half as much as what you would be charged for an order with a 3-hour deadline. The variation in fee is big, so it is always advisable for you to place the order as early as possible because this will enable you to save significantly because of a longer deadline. Not delaying the decision of placing the order also makes sense because this allows you plenty of time for asking for revision if you feel the need for it.

The company provides a range of opportunities for you to pay lesser and get more. Sometimes, customers are given bonuses. In addition to them, the company keeps offering discounts and special offers every now and then on all sorts of papers. All you are required to be able to enjoy those discounts and special offers is stay connected to the website. Give them your email, and the company will inform you about the discounts, every time they are there. If you want to know whether you qualify for a bonus or how much bonus you may be entitled to on placing the order, you need to tell your order requirements to the support staff. They will instantly calculate the cost and bonus for your order.

Samedayessay Plagiarism Policy Is Very Strict

The site can be fully trusted for producing genuine content. Every order is written from scratch unless otherwise required by the customer, e.g. rewriting orders or editing work. In most of our reviews of the company that we read on discussion forums and online threads, we have found that the writers tend to keep the plagiarism to 0%, even if 5% plagiarism is allowed by the customer in the instructions. The same originality of content reflects in the testimonials on the website, each of which is a real review left by some past customer. The company takes punitive measures against writers who commit plagiarism or fail to cite the references properly. This helps them ensure that writers take the anti-plagiarism policy of the company very seriously and put in the required level of effort in every project they complete.

Kudos to the Quality Assurance Department

The department of quality assurance is one of the main reasons why the website enjoys a high prestige and honor in the customers’ feedback, comments, and reviews. This department sits at the top of the organizational structure and works in close collaboration with the owners of the company. Every order uploaded by a writer is checked for a range of factors by the department of quality assurance. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Original instructions of students.
  • All comments read in the conversation between customers and writers on the message-board. This chat makes the department aware of the added or modified instructions passed after the placement of order if any.
  • Originality of content and its adherence to all standards of academic writing.

Reasons to Choose

You may have come across hundreds of online writing services, all claiming the delivery of high-quality papers. To choose one of them can be really challenging. But we can safely suggest you opt for Samedayessay company for these reasons:

  • Writing assistance plus guidance

At Samedayessay, they not only write the essays, but they also provide guidance on how to write them yourself. This shows that the company is not thirsty for money. Their prime motive is to extend genuine help to the users. If a student can take guidelines, tips, and tricks from them to write an essay without paying them a dime for it, they are fine and happy with that. Their nobility of intention is evident from the time and energy they have invested in writing all those guidelines on a wide range of essays. While the list of essay types on which the guidelines are available on the website is very long, some of the types that you will find writing-tips on include reflective essays, proofreading, literature review, report writing, term paper writing, argumentative essay, thesis, dissertation, and descriptive essay. Fraudulent companies don’t invest so much effort in producing such introductions and writing guidelines for that many types of writing projects. They don’t even know the types themselves, to begin with, so guiding others is out of the question!

  • Plagiarism-free content

Writers at Samedayessay company produce original and unique content. The order you get has been written from scratch exclusively for you. Neither are you submitted an essay written for a previous customer, nor any other customer gets your essay.

  • Unmatched guarantees

This company is genuine, so an order is only accepted if it can be perfectly done. You can get a standard essay in as less as 3 hours, but the company won’t take the order if you ask for a super-long essay in 10 minutes, as that’s clearly an impossibility. But once the company accepts an order, it really commits to deliver it on time. You get a money-back guarantee if your order is not provided within the deadline. Likewise, you can get a free revision for your work, should you feel the need for it. Considering all its qualities, we declare Samedayessay a good service.